About The Smokin' Cue

Allen Riggs - Founder of The Smokin' Cue

After an early retirement of a 26 year career with IBM, Allen seized the new found opportunity to create a business from a lifetime passion. Established in 1994, The Smokin' Cue quickly made headway as a premier billiard stop among the pool playing community. Allen's vision was simple yet effective for The Smokin' Cue: Provide patrons with a clean facility, safe environment, friendly service, and well maintained equipment. These elements have ultimately lead to it's great success and respect within the sport of billiards.

Sadly, in May 2008 Allen passed away. Survived by his wife Roxanne and their three sons (Tyler, Jason, & Matt), Allen cherished his role as a father, husband, and grandfather.

The Legacy Continues...

Matt Riggs now continues his father's legacy and continues to run The Smokin' Cue as his father had done since 1994. Now housing 5 Diamond 9' Pro Am Tables & 11 Brunswick 9' tables, The Smokin' Cue continues to gain popularity as The Best Little Pool Room In Charlotte.


10 Ball Break & Run Pots!



Next Drawing will be

June 26, 2024

at 10:30pm