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Guaranteed, if we reach 4 drawings, payout of at least $10,000 from the Break & Run.

Break & Run Results:

Two Drawings at $1000 per ball, Sri & Jeremy Turner both came up empty on the break. We now do extra draws, if the first two players don't make a ball. We will give away up to half of ticket sales from the night.  We now are limiting the tournament entries to a maximum field of 64. No call ins allowed. Must be here before 7:30 to get in. Don't be late or you will miss out! We had 40 players in our single elimination 9 ball tournament this week. Paid out over $1500 this Wednesday night, how much more next week is up to the players.

We have made some changes to the tournament - $20 Entry Fee, Extended the races by one game, rack your own, 9 ball does not count on the break and called 9 ball

Tournament Results 5-20-15

  1. Tim Nelson 9, $400
  2. Zack Leonard 10, $200
  3. Tim Bartlett 8, $100
  4. David Lear 10, $100

Future Events

Cash League Top 5

1 Ray's Team 22
2 Justin's Team 17
3 Matt's Team 17
4 Scott's Team 17
5 Donny's Team 16
6 Ron's Team 12
7 Brenda's Team 12
8 Michael's Team 12

10 Ball Break & Run Pots!



Next Drawing will be

May 27, 2015

at 10:30pm

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